Hanford Lam - Piano Teacher and Accompanist in Melbourne

The Right Accompanist

The Process

Make your performance a memorable one with the help of someone who can guide the listener through the harmonies and intricacies of your repertoire through meticulous attention to detail and inspiring ideas.

Make your music come to life with subtle phrasing, a strong musical bond with your accompanist, and a comfort in knowing that the piano will complement your hard work.

Make the decision to get Hanford to be your accompanist and start rehearsing!

Rates and availabilities can be provided when contacted.
Exams can be daunting and Hanford will help you every step of the way from understanding your music to coping with nerves. It is advised that there are at least two rehearsal sessions before an exam so that you feel comfortable and that a performance bond can be developed.

The first rehearsal will largely be understanding each other's musical ideas and brainstorming the desired performance outcome such as mood, tempo, and colour.

Any subsequent rehearsals will allow the soloist to consolidate these adjustments.

When exam day arrives, relax and do your best!
Contact Hanford for Exam and Performance Accompaniment

"Hanford has been a pleasure to work with. As he accompanies Gershwin's Piano Concerto in F, he makes the performance easy for me with a great sense of direction and attention to detail in ensemble. He learned the accompaniment quickly and was soon able to play the difficult accompaniment fluently within a week. I would highly recommend Hanford as an accompanist."​

"Hanford was an amazing accompanist who managed to learn my pieces in no time. With a combination of musical theatre, jazz, and pop, Hanford made the pieces very fun to perform and did an amazing job accompanying me for my VCE music exam."

Paris Hilby, VCE Music

Isaac Chok, BMus

"Hanford brings the best out of vocalists to create a riveting performance. His highly trained sight reading and ear helps the vocalist to achieve a performance with sensitivity and musicality."

"Great accompanist and follows me very well. Very flexible under all circumstances. Thank you so much for today."

Peter Nguyen-Hoang, Voice Teacher

Betty Lin, VCE Music